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Because I have some fans who are not also Facebook Friends (and why aren’t you?  Just friend me, “Carrie Lowery” and make my day!), I thought I’d share one of my favorite photos from the SciFi/Fantasy convention I attended last month down in Atlanta, GA.

I happened upon a dozen or so convention-goers, all of whom thought they’d be the only “Indy” in attendance.   Fortunately, since geeks are normally pretty even-tempered, there was no big rumble . . . the gang set aside their differences and compared hats, whips and deadpan “Harrison Ford faces” with great good humor.

A "fedora" of Indianas at DragonCon 2009

A "fedora" of Indianas at DragonCon 2009

Note: When I asked what the collective noun for “Indiana Jones” should be when I posted this on Facebook, the terminally clever Pannonica replied within seconds…”a FEDORA, of course!”