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Those of you who are my friends on Facebook have already seen these pictures in the last few days, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who haven’t get an equal opportunity to comment, snicker and/or tell me how much I’ve changed.*

OK, kids…time for hilarity to ensue.  Here’s me THEN:

halloween 1984


And here’s me NOW:

Halloween 2009


Happy Halloween, peeps!

*If you’re a reader of both my blogs, you might be interested to know that my companion in the 1984 photo is recent (yet photographically elusive) Cool Jobster, Trent Faust, way back in the day.   I cannot claim he still looks exactly like this 25 years later, but having seen him recently I can verify that he’s holding up pretty well! 😉

Buzz the rescue!

Buzz Lightyear -- to the rescue!

The above post title, catchphrase of Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (one of my favorite animated characters EVAR), is the first thing I thought of when I read about the subject of today’s entry. After spending the weekend wallowing in my own childhood with all of you (and wasn’t it fun?), I swore to myself that I’d look forward in this next entry and write about something high-tech and futuristic. As fate would have it, I sat down at my computer last night and found an email from wordpress buddy Jim Gardner about The KEO Project and now owe him a debt of gratitude for giving me the perfect topic!

The KEO Project, started in 1994, is planning to send a time capsule into space in 2010 that is designed to return to Earth in 50,000 years. Everyone on Earth is invited to contribute a message to be placed in the KEO satellite, which according to Wikipedia will also contain:

a diamond that encases a drop of human blood chosen at random and samples of air, sea water and earth.[3] The DNA of the human genome will be engraved on one of the faces. The satellite will also carry an astronomical clock that shows the current rotation rates of several pulsars; photographs of people of all cultures; and “the contemporary Library of Alexandria“, an encyclopedic compendium of current human knowledge.

I personally think the KEO looks like The Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter movies, but I also think it’s waaaay cooler, don’t you? The KEO site assures me that the wings are mostly decorative and will only be used to help the project locate the KEO from Earth for the first few years of its journey, but I do love the idea of the little guy “flying” through space for 500 centuries.

 A life-sized replica of the KEO satellite.

A life-sized replica of the KEO satellite.

Since the project has made available four written pages of space on the KEO for every human on Earth (although I am not sure about planetross, him being another planet and all and probably planning on launching his own space probe any moment), I urge you to take the time to go HERE and leave your message for the humans of 50,000 years from today (or the wacky aliens who scoop up the KEO and have their way with it!) The entire text of all messages sent in the KEO will be made available online after the launching of the KEO and I can’t wait because I think it’s going to be a very interesting read!

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock - Total BFF Action!

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock - Total BFF Action!

I admit to being a Star Trek geek, so after first thinking of Buzz Lightyear, my second thought was of V’ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (OK, so maybe there will be a little nostalgia in this post after all!). For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the character of V’ger is our own Earth’s Voyager 1 Space Probe (launched in 1977) which was found by an alien race of machines, who “helped” it to complete it’s mission of collecting data by constructing a 48 mile long mega-computer of such power that it turned our tiny little space probe into a sentient being who decides to come back in the 23rd century to exterminate all the humans on Earth. (Spoiler Alert! Predictably, Spock mind-melds with the poor V’ger to make it all better, and Captain Kirk spends most of the movie being pompous and trying to suck in his stomach to compensate for the form-fitting uniforms on the new Enterprise.)

Yes, the movie is as dumb as it sounds, but now that The KEO project is getting ready to launch, I can’t help but think that if that actually happens, it’s gonna be cool and I’ll be sorry not to be around when the giant space-probe monster show up!

And lastly, since you have been a devoted enough fan of Carrie (Like the Movie) to read this far, I will now reward you with a link to possibly the most BIZARRE site on the entire Internet. That’s right, the site devoted to fan art and fan fiction (all PG-13 of course) on the subject of the romantic/sexual love between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock: The All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive. There is another site which contains NSFW and NC-17 type material about Kirk and Spock . . . but I refuse to link to it. Just trust your Auntie Carrie that it does exist, and even more importantly — you don’t ever want to see it!