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Look! A Two Headed Squirrel!

. . . I think Sarina Brewer is the BOMB!

While many fine artists work with materials like paint, pastels, marble, fibers and even brass, Sarina chooses to make her art from…well, roadkill, if you want to be blunt about it.


No, this image does not do Sarina’s creations¬† justice — I’m merely begging you to click on this link to see her incredible work.


Besides, weren’t you wondering to yourself¬† just the other day, “What should I get Carrie for the holidays?¬† I want to give her something really special!”


I would decorate my house from floor to ceiling with Sarina Brewer’s creations if I could — and it would probably ensure that tax collectors, Mormons and Avon Ladies wouldn’t linger!