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Those of you who are my friends on Facebook have already seen these pictures in the last few days, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who haven’t get an equal opportunity to comment, snicker and/or tell me how much I’ve changed.*

OK, kids…time for hilarity to ensue.  Here’s me THEN:

halloween 1984


And here’s me NOW:

Halloween 2009


Happy Halloween, peeps!

*If you’re a reader of both my blogs, you might be interested to know that my companion in the 1984 photo is recent (yet photographically elusive) Cool Jobster, Trent Faust, way back in the day.   I cannot claim he still looks exactly like this 25 years later, but having seen him recently I can verify that he’s holding up pretty well! 😉


Because I have some fans who are not also Facebook Friends (and why aren’t you?  Just friend me, “Carrie Lowery” and make my day!), I thought I’d share one of my favorite photos from the SciFi/Fantasy convention I attended last month down in Atlanta, GA.

I happened upon a dozen or so convention-goers, all of whom thought they’d be the only “Indy” in attendance.   Fortunately, since geeks are normally pretty even-tempered, there was no big rumble . . . the gang set aside their differences and compared hats, whips and deadpan “Harrison Ford faces” with great good humor.

A "fedora" of Indianas at DragonCon 2009

A "fedora" of Indianas at DragonCon 2009

Note: When I asked what the collective noun for “Indiana Jones” should be when I posted this on Facebook, the terminally clever Pannonica replied within seconds…”a FEDORA, of course!”