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…may go unheralded by the major online media outlets, but hopefully will be noticed by the wordpress chums whom I have so long neglected.

Without further ado, please put your retro-hats on and venture into the Wayback Machine with me and the hilarious song stylings of DeStorm. If you think he’s awesome (and who wouldn’t?) check out the rest of the Soul-Tunes series, which include beat-box versions of cartoon themes ranging from Fraggle Rock to G.I. Joe to the Animaniacs.

It’s nice to be back, peeps!


I may not celebrate Xmas, but I sure do fondly remember the Solid Gold Dancers — how could I not share a dance video that is rated “Solid Gold”? My dear friend Mikey D sent me this video, and I’ve been chuckling ever since I watched it.    When amazing dance talent and silliness collide, the result is what you’ll see below, entitled “The Twelve Gays of Christmas”.  Enjoy!

P.S.   I’ve got a contest coming up here, peeps — start flexing those creativity muscles so you’ll be ready!

As you may have surmised from glancing at My Cool Job today, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging during the holiday weekend.   However, I would like to provide all of you with a stressful holiday ahead with a place to go and chill out for a few minutes when it all gets too hectic.

If you need a moment or two to compose yourself during the chaos, give yourself a break and watch the silly videos I’ve found with a Thanksgiving theme.  See you all next week, peeps!  I’m thankful to have such loyal readers and friends!

The Gobble Gobble Pow Wow

My New Favorite Thanksgiving Song – The Turkey Song by Tomee Profitt

Cousin Emmy Jams Out On “Turkey in the Straw”

A Little Peanuts to Get You Ready for Xmas…well, sort of!  Dance Time!

After running an impromptu contest involving random facts about myself, and then doing a similar meme forwarded to me recently by prairieflounder, I have been tagged yet again by another blogger, Epicurienne, to spill what’s left of my guts and list 7 facts about myself that I have selfishly kept from all of you curious peeps.

Since I have already done this meme recently and the “following the rules” part was completely ignored by all participants (including myself) I will not repeat the rules here, nor will I make a great effort to pass this meme on. But because I adore Epicurienne and don’t want to get “clogged” on her blog, I’ll gladly list seven more facts about myself that you may not be aware of…illustrated!



1. Snorlax and Gengar are my two favorite Pokemons.



2.  The artist for whom I posed nude briefly in 1991 did not pay me with money, but instead gave me this amazing Eraserhead painting, which is currently hanging in my office and that I enjoy every day.  I’m sorry that this image doesn’t really do it justice.

"Eraserhead" by Howard Vives, oil crayon on paper, 1991.

"Eraserhead" by Howard Vives, oil crayon on paper, 1991.


Call your friend Veronica -- it's time to celebrate Hanukkah!

3.  I celebrate Hanukkah, although I am not Jewish (in fact, you’d probably call me a born Atheist), because: it’s less stressful than Christmas; it is not a particularly “religious” holiday; I find the lights soothing during what is usually a frenetic and often depressing time of year; and I’ve always thought menorahs are cool.   It started as kind of a joke to declare my independence from the commercialism of the American Christmas season, but has evolved into something that is much more serious and important to me.  I may have conscripted the rituals of Hanukkah (I am pretty rigorous about doing them  properly and learn more about them each year) and adapted them for my own “guided meditation” purposes, but it works for me.

This is not me, but you get the idea...

This is not me, but you get the idea...

4. In two separate and completely unintentional and unpremeditated childhood incidents, I broke my younger sister’s arm and nearly blinded her by spraying Easy Off oven cleaner in her eye.  Despite these traumatic events (both of which she has completely recovered from 30+ years later) she not only agreed to be interviewed for My Cool Job, but still lets me come visit her in Seattle.
5. After my ex-husband left me and moved back in with his parents, I collected Food Stamps for myself and my then 2 year old son for six months in 1998 before I was able to sort out my working and child care situation. I am amazed that the article I wrote about my experience is still on the Internet, but if you are interested, you can read it here (though I’m sure most if not all of the links in the article are no longer valid).


I think it's all done with cards now...


Schauzers scare me!

6. I’ve had a phobia of dogs (especially dogs that bark and/or jump up on people) ever since being bitten by a schnauzer when I was in second grade.  I’m slowly getting better (watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer has really helped for some reason), but will still occasionally freeze on the spot and refuse to walk in right away if I visit someone who has a rambunctious dog, no matter how friendly they assure me “Throatripper” might be.

7.  My latest craft project is an Epicurienne voodoo doll.  :0  If you would like to make your own personalized voodoo doll, go to Pinstruck and curse your friends!  (C’mon, you know you want to…)


Sorry Epicurienne, I couldn't resist!

You giggled at them in “The Trick“. You laughed uproariously at their antics in “The Legend of Guitar Hero” (well, some of you did!). Now The Golden Mole Players have created (with a little help from yours truly) the first in a series of episodes of “Wacky Time Theater” — check out “Episode 1: The Dangerous Game”! You may save a child’s life!

Few musicians write song parodies that are as funny as those created by Weird Al Yankovic, who was featured here yesterday — one of those few is Tim Hawkins.  This parody is short, sweet and hilarious…just like me!

Pay attention husbands, this is important stuff!

…but my actual work got the best of me and I’m dead tired.   You will just have to watch this video over and over and over and over and over until tomorrow when I finish my latest blogariffic masterpiece.

My goal in life is to someday make a video this completely insane.   I have probably watched this 1,000 times and I never get tired of it.

Update:  This thread is quickly turning into a graduate seminar on truly silly, strange and fabulously wonderful short videos and Flash animations (Yes, I have a Masters Degree in Dorkiness!).   I have links to a whole lot of this type of video, but if you know of one that is truly marvelous, please share it with me!

I’ve had a massive attack of holiday spirit when it comes to Halloween this year (don’t worry, it’ll all wear off by December and I’ll be my usual Grinchy self), so when I saw that CurlyWurlyGurly was having a pumpkin carving contest I set out to do something awesome (or at least live up to my reputation for being a kook!).

I bought some pumpkins on sale at Shop Rite (20lb pumpkins 3 for $10 — how awesome is that?), and took the kids in my family on a creative adventure in pumpkin carving. Here is the result of our efforts:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by “Nosy People Click Here” to try and guess which of the many amazing facts about me are true.  Not only was a record day for hits on this tiny little blog, I got a chance to get comments from old friends and new, and I hope it finally satisfied thedailydish that the less everyone knows about me the better!

Before I reveal the answers, I’m going to announce the winners of the contest!

I’ve thought about it a lot and I’m going to announce co-winners of 1st place:  prairieflounder and CurlyWurlyGurly.   Pf only made one guess and got 7 correct answers, and CWG finally managed 8 for the most correct, but she did guess 3 times for an average of 6.34.

I’ve also just spent an enjoyable few minutes consulting my globe and atlas and am giving a special prize to Yella Ojrak for surfing here from the furthest away from humble New Jersey, from a distance of over 10,000 miles!  (Sorry, planetross and Tony the Tasmanian Tiger — you were close, but she did you both in by a few hundred miles!)   Winners please send your current mailing address to me (I’m pretty sure all 3 of you have my email) I’ll send you some fabulous prizes!

And finally, here are the answers for your amazement and amusement:

1. In 2002 I lost a bet and dyed my hair bright blue for six weeks. TRUE

not my relative.

Special Agent Dale Cooper: not my relative.

2. I have a family member who retired from the FBI after 22 years as a Special Agent.  TRUE

3. I met singer Dwight Yoakam in a bar in Nashville and ended up spending the weekend at his house.  FALSE

4. I spent six months living in Switzerland in a student foreign exchange program.  FALSE

5. I have a pet blue-tongued skink named Taco.  FALSE

6. I was Camp Director for a day camp attended by over 150 kids. TRUE

7. I competed in the flair bartending contest at The Big Apple Showdown in 1992.  FALSE

8. I performed live with Prince at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  TRUE

9. I drove a hansom carriage in Central Park in NYC for six months.  TRUE

Not me driving...

Not me driving...

10. I own a rare book that is currently worth between $800 – $900. TRUE

11. I have a handpainted dinosaur mural in the spare bedroom of my house.  TRUE

12. I have posed nude for an artist. TRUE

13. I have a vanity license plate on my car that says “I ROCK”  FALSE

14. I have a size 10-1/2 foot and NEVER wear heels. FALSE

15. I went to high school with Mira Sorvino. FALSE

16. I am left handed. FALSE

17. I have a collection of 353 Beanie Babies, including a rare Orange Crab from 1995.  FALSE

No, it was not that kind of hog!

No, it wasn't that kind of hog!

18. I am one-quarter Shoshone American Indian.  FALSE

19. I own five different Tarot Card decks.  TRUE

20. My great-great grandfather murdered my great-great-great grandfather in a dispute over a hog.  TRUE

This is also the time for Honorable Mention for everyone else who voted:  thedailydish, persistentillusion, Khyri, planetross and Tony you are all very awesome, funny folks and I’m glad to call you my friends…you just need guessing lessons!   Sorry you didn’t get to play S. Le and nathalie, but I’m sure I’ll end up with a comment or two from you both about this and I’m looking forward to it!

Now I leave it to you all to praise and admonish each other over these answers, and of course let me know if you’d like me to give you details on any of the true answers — I’m sure there is a complete blog post in each one, I just don’t know where to start!

Thanks again for playing, “Carrie’s Castaways” — and thanks to Susan (who I still think of as “Suzen” lol), Another Susan, Kimberly, Dania, Angela, Ben (who actually does have a blue-tongued skink as a pet!), and especially pannonica for giving my online friends the lowdown on my interesting life!

Update:  I’d just like to encourage anyone who’s interested to take the time to read these comments…many details are being revealed!

I don’t think any of you who know me will be shocked to discover I’m voting for Barack Obama in a few weeks, and I’ve done my part in making that happen by taking the time to donate to But I’m not posting this because I want you to vote for anyone in particular — follow your heart…or your pacemaker if you happen to be old enough to walk with a “McCain“…

I’m posting this because I think it’s one of the most brilliant advertising approaches I’ve ever come across. The execution is flawless, the message is personal, and it’s damn funny. Now on to the clip, where you can all find out what will happen if I, Carrie, personally blow off the election on November 4th. There may be a few of you that have already received a similar email, but please bear with me. Keep in mind that I’ve got a few readers in other countries that need to see how awesome this is!

And yes, there is a link that you can use to personalize and send this clip to anyone you like that you think needs encouragement!

Click here to see the amazing video that’s all about me!