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Look! A Two Headed Squirrel!

. . . I think Sarina Brewer is the BOMB!

While many fine artists work with materials like paint, pastels, marble, fibers and even brass, Sarina chooses to make her art from…well, roadkill, if you want to be blunt about it.


No, this image does not do Sarina’s creations  justice — I’m merely begging you to click on this link to see her incredible work.


Besides, weren’t you wondering to yourself  just the other day, “What should I get Carrie for the holidays?  I want to give her something really special!”


I would decorate my house from floor to ceiling with Sarina Brewer’s creations if I could — and it would probably ensure that tax collectors, Mormons and Avon Ladies wouldn’t linger!








Unbeknownst to some of you who only know me through this blog, in recent months I’ve been inspired by my love of movies to share my strange cinematic taste with friends, family and passersby.    The tradition has been established, and I thought I’d share it with you, loyal readers, and invite you all to be there in spirit, if not in person on Friday, November 20th at Club Awesome (aka my house, email me for info if you think you can make it!)

And yes, by request from an out of town friend who couldn’t make it last time, there will be a “here in spirit” message wall at the party where all snarky comments, congratulations and contributions will be displayed for our guests!

So what exactly will be on the movie menu?  Here’s the description I wrote for the invitation:


A place, where nobody dared to go - the love that we've come to know - they call it XANADU!

We’re going back to a simpler time before cellphones and the Internet, when Regan was in office and legs were very warm…in our first feature, the legwarmers are sported by Olivia Newton-John as she inspires an artist and a musician to build a roller disco palace called *’Xanadu’*! Will she give up her career as a Muse to be with the man she loves even though he wears vests and pulls his jeans up too high? Watch and find out!

The legwarmers in our second feature are sported by a still to become a jowly Scientologist John Travolta in *’Stayin’ Alive’*, the little known (and hardly watched) sequel to ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Our hero Tony Manero has given up the disco lifestyle and traded in his white suit for a tight spandex leotard and a headband. Will Tony get the lead in the Broadway show? Will he tame the diva and bend her to his will? Will you die laughing when you see his outfit in the big ‘finale’? Come to movie night and find out!
OK, now tell me that although y’all live in faraway places, you’ll do your best to roller disco yourselves to New Jersey and join in the fun!

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook have already seen these pictures in the last few days, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who haven’t get an equal opportunity to comment, snicker and/or tell me how much I’ve changed.*

OK, kids…time for hilarity to ensue.  Here’s me THEN:

halloween 1984


And here’s me NOW:

Halloween 2009


Happy Halloween, peeps!

*If you’re a reader of both my blogs, you might be interested to know that my companion in the 1984 photo is recent (yet photographically elusive) Cool Jobster, Trent Faust, way back in the day.   I cannot claim he still looks exactly like this 25 years later, but having seen him recently I can verify that he’s holding up pretty well! 😉

I know lots of you just don’t “get” rap music because you can’t relate to the clothes, or perhaps the jail-inspired saggy pants fashion, or the paradox of a scary-ass looking dude brandishing an automatic weapon and whining about how hard it is “out there for a pimp”.    And believe me, I feel you on that.

But does it have to be that way?  Can rap a song transcend its “gangster” stereotype and cross the boundaries of social class, fashion, and thumping animalistic sub-woofer straining beat thumps to be appreciated just for it’s cleverness and sense of fun?    You know I think so if you’ve already grooved to the funky style of Brett Domino, and  MC 900ft Jesus here on this blog.

So go ahead, wanderers into the weird…check out the rap “stylings” of Mr B. Not only is he a gentleman through and through, he’s got a great sense of humor, a very cool hat, and a banjolele!   Quite right, old chums!  Enjoy!

I had so much fun with the recent contest with facts about me, that I’m actually excited to be tagged by prairieflounder for what basically amounts to more of the same.   Here are the rules of the meme I just got:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

(Carrie’s note:  Like the blogger who tagged me, I’m ignoring Rule #5 — if you don’t bother to check here and read my blog from time to time, then I expect you wouldn’t bother to do the meme anyway, so I hope you stop by and see this!)

And here are my six random things (each with a bonus fact, because I love to blab on and on about ME!):

1)   I can’t stand the beach, although I think being out at sea is pretty cool.  (Bonus fact:  I’ve always wanted to go sport fishing and catch a HUGE marlin!)

2)   Everyone calls me Carrie (and has for 20 years), but my real name is Carol Ann.   I would have had people call me Carrie many years sooner, but it rhymed with my maiden name, which would just have been silly.  (Bonus fact: Only one person on Earth at any given time is allowed to call me “Carrie Care Bear” without getting slapped.  Since the current person with that permission is not yet deceased, I recommend that YOU don’t try it…)

3)   Two things I have been obsessed with learning history and trivia about for over 20 years:  Mt. Everest and Elvis Presley.  (Bonus fact:  I also know the 96 2-letter words that are in the official Scrabble Dictionary.)

4) In 2004 I broke both of my hands in a bizarre office accident and had only the use of my thumbs and forefingers for 8 weeks.   (Bonus fact: I also can’t play the guitar anymore, and that made me very sad.)

5) The first car I bought with my own money was a 1972 VW Super Beetle.  He was bright orange and his name was Buster.  (Bonus fact:  My current car is also a VW — 1998 Black Jetta — his name is General Norman Schwartzkar.)

6) I have extremely ugly toes and never wear open toed shoes or sandals.  (Bonus fact:  I also have a totally gnarly 14″ long scar on my abdomen from an emergency appendectomy at 7-1/2 months pregnant.  I tell people who are rude enough to ask that I got it in a gang fight in LA.)

Time to Tag….Pannonica, TheDailyDish, CurlyWurlyGurly, Nathalie, Connie, and Hayden Tompkins.

OK, ladies…time to share your randomest facts!   3….2…..1….go!

Don’t worry, peeps — that headline isn’t me wondering out loud about loyal readers of “Carrie (Like The Movie)” it’s a line from “If I Only Had A Brain” by MC 900 Ft. Jesus. The video makes me laugh every time I see it…and somehow seems to also represent my life’s journey. Spend 3 minutes in a cardboard box with MC 900 Ft. Jesus, and get your week started with a good laugh…

I’ve been lurking on the Ironic Sans blog off and on, and now I regret not reading every single post as soon as it appears, because I’m sure I missed a lot of other things that are almost as cool as this!

Here’s the t-shirt I’ll be wearing on Election Day 2008 — what geek would wear anything else?   May the Force Be With You, Ironic Sans!

You’re worried about what’s going to happen in the upcoming election? You’re biting your nails over the Wall Street crisis? Not me, I’ve got bigger worries

I’m worried about this guy and his fellow clowns who have recently graduated from Clown College and banded together to pose for a Naked Clown Calendar.

It’s for a good cause (and because I am completely insane, I’ll probably buy one), but the concept is a little freaky…

I’m also disturbed by the gallery of clown paintings on black velvet featured here. In all seriousness, the site informs you that this image is part of a SERIES of collectible paintings. Each sold separately. Gah!

As you have probably surmised by reading even this far, I’m not a big clown fan. However, I will make an exception in the case of the Dickies and their marvelous theme song from hilarious 1988 horror-spoof Killer Klowns from Outer Space. You can absorb the madness by watching the video below!

I decided that my other blog My Cool Job restrains me in some ways. There are things I’d like to say that somehow don’t fit the “theme” of having a cool job.

What are these things I’d like to say? I think many of them involve movies.

Movies I love. Movies I hate. I watch a shitload of movies.

If I have an interesting thought, I’m much more confident that I can squeeze it into a post about a movie I’ve seen or heard of than a post about someone else’s job.

So witness jimsmuse 2.0…

Yes, I love the movie Carrie.

Carrie is my name, and today that movie suits my mood.