…seems like the perfect time to get things going here again as well.

How did you get this far through your day without ukeleles and love cake?   These girls are awesome!


…annoy the crap out of me.  I like this video much better.

Mad props to Erik, Ben and Sam for finding this nightmare-inducing masterpiece!

Sitting in my office looking at this…

Escobar - a cat of very little brain

Escobar - a cat of very little brain

…made me think of this:


Work gets boring sometimes, but it is pretty cool that we get to have a cat around, don’t you think?

What do your pets make you think of?

What happens when you take a vintage clip of gals in polyester doing Bob Fosse and slide a little hip hop into the mix?   This completely astounding dance mashup — enjoy!

Welcome back to International Dance Week! Most of the dances I’ve collected videos of so far have been “pure” dance, in the sense that their only purpose is to be artistic and to entertain. However, entertainment is just one of many reasons that humans, singly or in groups, stop plodding around and start busting moves.

If you travel to Tanzania and visit the Masai, they won’t just say “howdy”, the whole village will welcome you with a dance!

If you go to a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, you may get to see a celebration with a traditional dance like the one featured in this amazing Read the rest of this entry »

Here are the videos that are the results of the quiz here.   I don’t know if I can recommend watching them all in their entirety in one sitting as it may cause your head to explode.  Some are “mashups” that are classic dances set to “modern” music, and some are just evidence that great music and great dancing go together…even if you suspect that they wouldn’t.    Enjoy!

1. “Superstition” + Belly Dance

2. “Swan Lake” + Pole Dance (hubba hubba!)

Read the rest of this entry »

ballroom-danceAfter yesterday’s entry, and the suggestion from Susan about other amazing dance shows like Fire of Anatolia (yes, it’s hot!), I got to thinking about the world of dance and went on a video hunt for something else awesome.   In addition to deciding I need a 12-Step Program to help me with my YouTube addiction, I unearthed some very interesting videos.

I’d originally planned to feature some clips of “classic” dance numbers to introduce you all to various types of dance, but what I have ended up with is (I think) much more interesting.

I found great videos of dances in quite a few genres, but there’s something a bit different about these clips.  I can’t seem to get the audio portion of the videos to match the sort of dance that ought to be there….

For instance, here’s a great VW commercial featuring Gene Kelly and “Singin’ in the Rain”, but somehow the dance itself seems different, don’t you think?

Now while you may have seen the above clip, I’ve gone into the wilds of the Internet where normal folks just don’t go and found six songs with six different dances — can you match them up?   You’ll be able to see which dance goes with which song tomorrow, and I assure you that you’ll be amazed!

1. “Superstition – Stevie Wonder A. Ballet
2. “Swan Lake” – Pyotr Tchaikovsky B. Silly Cats
3. “Look on the Bright Side” – Eric Idle C. Pole dance (hubba hubba!)
4. “Around the World” – Daft Punk D. The Charleston
5. “Sexyback” – Justin Timberlake E. Tap Dance
6. “Numa Numa” – O-Zone F. Belly Dance

Back in 1995, the hot ticket all over the world was the celtic dance sensation Riverdance.   Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the original cast featuring Michael Flatley and Jean Butler, I do admit that I nearly wore out  my videotape of the performance.

If you’re looking to get “warmed up” on a cold day, I suggest you take a few minutes to watch the amazing “Fire Dance” featuring flamenco legend Maria Pages and step-dance superstar Michael Flatley.    It starts slow and sultry, but by the time you’re done watching it you’ll know why the title features the word “fire”…

Woooo hoooo!  Are you fired up yet?  Want a little more of the original cast of Riverdance?   Here’s another favorite of mine, “Thunderstorm” featuring Michael Flatley and the men in the cast.

Who  knows what I’ll come up with next?

I want to show you some evidence in support of my excuse that my holiday gift-making  slowed down my blogging more than a bit…as I have not yet found a way to type and knit at the same time.


Exhibit A: McClymont Family in Hand-Knitted Scarves

Please note the joy and ecstasy evident on the radiant faces of Ben, Rachelle, Sam, Jeremy and Maggie on Christmas morning as they show off the gifts that Auntie Carrie made for them.   Could you want to have taken away that beautiful moment just because you selfishly wanted to read my lil ol’ blog?

And yes, S. Le, Connie’s scarf is becoming a reality — although I admit it’s taken a while as the yarn store that I frequent chose last week to take a holiday break.   If you’re curious as to how it’s going, I can give you a quick peek, although I assure you that the quick pic I just snapped with my cellphone will not do this glorious specialty yarn justice:

Champion Miss Fluffykins of Modadea (in progress)

Champion Miss Fluffykins of Modadea (in progress)

Since the scarf is indeed a “winner”, I have had no choice as I work on it but to give it a suitably pretentious name (although like most owners of purebred champions, I expect Connie will simply call her “Miss Fluffy” as she proudly displays her prize with her latest stunning fashion ensemble).  In other interesting news, by amazing coincidence, the Modadea Company that made the yarn for this scarf happens to come from the same state as the prize-winning pictures that Connie sent — I’m happy that Miss Fluffy will be going “home” to South Carolina at last after languishing away in a New Jersey yarn store for so many months!

And lastly, I also took a bit of time as I recovered from being deathly ill to keep myself warm and do something useful with 5 or 6 years worth of leftover yarn by making this strangely colored psychedelic wonder, which (for those of you who know about these things) is in reality one gigantic 7 foot Granny Square:

One Freakin' Big (and toasty warm!) Granny Square

One Freakin' Big (and toasty warm!) Granny Square

So there you have it — I wish I had some more exciting adventures to relate regarding my recent absence, but mostly I’ve spent it on my couch going “clickety-click” and turning balls of yarn into things that rock.

I’ve been thinking about all of you, will be visiting you all online soon, and will be posting more here and on My Cool Job in the days to come– as soon as I finish one more scarf — the one for CWG so that her Uncle Dom doesn’t come and get me!

Sorry about the delay in announcing the results of the contest to find the scariest holiday decorations, but I’ve been laid up for a few days (I think Connie included a “virus” in her email to me).  I’m just now well enough to look again at the horrors that were sent to me to compete for the “scariest holiday decoration” prize — a scarf hand-knitted by yours truly — and declare a winner.

Taking into account all of the intimidation tactics, random musings (including a bit of “Jersey Smack-Talk” from CurlyWurlyGurly), and strange requests in the comments section of the contest announcement, the judges have made a decision.  I am pleased to announce that the winner…by a mile…is loyal reader and Southern Belle Connie of Loose Lemons!   Determined to win at all costs, she braved the highways, byways and trailer parks of the American South (and according to her email also faced the “hostile stares and possible shotgun blasts by grandma in hair curlers and slippers” in order to bring you the following images of  holiday decorating gone WRONG!


Indoors or out, it seems that in Connie’s neck of the woods, more is always better when it comes to cheesy knick knacks…


I do confess, though — the real winner is this yard full of FAKE PLASTIC  poinsettia flowers stuck in the ground.   Oh, the humanity! OMFG!  LOLZ! This is truly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…


Inspired by her blog title “Loose Lemons”, I’ve already started work on Connie’s one-of-a-kind scarf and will be exhibiting the results here soon before sending the prize off to our lucky winner.

I’d also like to give an Honorable Mention to prairieflounder, who took a few moments during his visit to California to bring you the following motorsports-themed decorating gone wrong images, which (knowing pf the mad scientist) were probably taken with a high-tech spy camera cleverly disguised as a cellphone…



Congratulations to Connie and prairieflounder, and best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season to you all!