If you’d told me a year ago I’d be a “blogger” I would have laughed, and if you’d told me that blogs are like potato chips and one is never enough I would have laughed even harder.

And yet, here I am, away from My Cool Job to say a little something about movies, life and a few other things that you might be interested in.

So how am I doing?



As requested by thedailydish, I will now leave some detailed personal information about myself on this page. Just to keep you guessing, though, I’m listing 20 facts…but only half of them are true and I won’t tell you which is which! Guess right on all of them and you win a prize! (Note: Obviously, pannonica is not eligible because she knows me in “real life” — and no fair cheating by asking her for help!)

Also:  No fair cheating by looking at everyone else’s answers people — play fair!

1. In 2002 I lost a bet and dyed my hair bright blue for six weeks.

2. I have a family member who retired from the FBI after 22 years as a Special Agent.

3. I met singer Dwight Yoakam in a bar in Nashville and ended up spending the weekend at his house.

4. I spent six months living in Switzerland in a student foreign exchange program.

5. I have a pet blue-tongued skink named Taco.

6. I was Camp Director for a day camp attended by over 150 kids.

7. I competed in the flair bartending contest at The Big Apple Showdown in 1992.

8. I performed live with Prince at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

9. I drove a hansom carriage in Central Park in NYC for six months.

10. I own a rare book that is currently worth between $800 – $900.

11. I have a handpainted dinosaur mural in the spare bedroom of my house.

12. I have posed nude for an artist.

13. I have a vanity license plate on my car that says “I ROCK”

14. I have a size 10-1/2 foot and NEVER wear heels.

15. I went to high school with Mira Sorvino.

16. I am left handed.

17. I have a collection of 353 Beanie Babies, including a rare Orange Crab from 1995.

18. I am one-quarter Shoshone American Indian.

19. I own five different Tarot Card decks.

20. My great-great grandfather murdered my great-great-great grandfather in a dispute over a hog.