I know lots of you just don’t “get” rap music because you can’t relate to the clothes, or perhaps the jail-inspired saggy pants fashion, or the paradox of a scary-ass looking dude brandishing an automatic weapon and whining about how hard it is “out there for a pimp”.    And believe me, I feel you on that.

But does it have to be that way?  Can rap a song transcend its “gangster” stereotype and cross the boundaries of social class, fashion, and thumping animalistic sub-woofer straining beat thumps to be appreciated just for it’s cleverness and sense of fun?    You know I think so if you’ve already grooved to the funky style of Brett Domino, and  MC 900ft Jesus here on this blog.

So go ahead, wanderers into the weird…check out the rap “stylings” of Mr B. Not only is he a gentleman through and through, he’s got a great sense of humor, a very cool hat, and a banjolele!   Quite right, old chums!  Enjoy!